Vocabulary and grammar consolidation and extension worksheets

4 My mum and dad on Friday evening. 8. Page 10. PHOTOCOPIABLE. Text. Interface. © Macmillan Publishers ...

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Vocabulary and grammar consolidation and extension worksheets


4 My mum and dad on Friday evening. 8. Page 10. PHOTOCOPIABLE. Text. Interface. © Macmillan Publishers ...

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Unit 4. Vocabulary and grammar consolidation 13–14. Vocabulary and grammar extension. 15–16. Unit 5. Vocabulary and ... PHOTOCOPIABLE. Text. Interface ... a a tiger b a cheetah c a puma ... 4 your favourite football team / win the league?

Grammar and vocabulary worksheets


Amazing Rooftops 3 Unit 4 Reinforcement Worksheet 2. PHOTOCOPIABLE. © Oxford University Press. Reinforcement Worksheet 1 4. 1 Find, circle and write.

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Text All Clear © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2015 and Macmillan Polska 2017. 2 ... 2 Complete the phrases with the words in the box. download go make send ...

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Reinforcement. 1. Unit 1. 1. Unit 2. 3. Unit 3. 5. Unit 4. 7. Unit 5. 9. Unit 6. 11 ... 5. 1. 2. 3 jump / run rollerblade / dance climb / jump. 4. 5. 6 ride a bike / dance.

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It is likely they'll have some questions and it would be good if the teacher is there to help. Sma rt English Grammar Worksheets. Page 4. For more grammar practice ...

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3 Complete with the present continuous or present simple form of the verbs in ... 5 There weren't …………… boys to make a football team. ... A tiger is the most.

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Grammar. Tense review. 1 Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box. ... 4 Find examples of tenses used for the future in the text and match them with the names and ... 7 I'm sure you'll be getting / you'll get a good grade in your music exam. ... Levels of pollution in Beijing are 15 times higher than they should be.

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Indirect questions exercises www.e-grammar.org/indirect-question/. ESL worksheets on e-grammar.org. Exercise 1. Change the indirect questions to direct.

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11 Oct 2013 ... Present Progressive Tense – Yes/No Questions. Practice making questions and giving short answers in the present progressive tense. Ex. Is he ...

Grammar Practice Worksheets - Future - From ESL-Library.com - AWS


Future Tense with “Going To” – What is Sara going to do? ... Review the different uses of “going to” and “will” below before completing the exercise that follows.

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8: adverbs of frequency with the simple present tense .................................................................................. 27 ... 24: adverbs of manner . ... 25: comment adverbs .

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KEY WORD TRANSFORMATION. KWT001 www.english-grammar.at. Use the word in BOLD print at the end of the line to form a new sentence that has the same ...

Prepositions of Place (Beginner) – Grammar Practice Worksheets ...


12. QUICK AND HANDY GRAMMAR REVIEW. Prepositions of Place. EXERCISE 1: Matchup. Write the letter of the picture that matches the preposition of place.

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I come from a very large family and recently my parents. (DECIDE) that they. (SPEND) long enough living in an overcrowded house in Birmingham. “We ...

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Exercise 3: Make sentences in the present continuous tense. Example: (wait/here/I). I am waiting here. (I/in Hastings/learn English ...

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11 Oct 2013 ... Choose the correct verb from the list below to complete the following sentences. Use the correct form of the simple present tense. fix stand speak ...

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Present continuous: exercise 2 - negative e-grammar.org worksheets. Worksheet 2 - negative forms. Exercise 1: Make negative answers. Example: Are your ...

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Beginner Level Worksheet-1. Underline the reflexive pronouns in the sentences below. 1. He ordered himself a hamburger. 2. “I am angry with myself for failing ...

English Grammar – Relative Pronouns Worksheets - Kids World Fun


English Grammar – Relative Pronouns. Worksheets. Beginner Level Worksheet. Underline the relative pronoun in each of the following sentences. 1. The pen ...

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Practical English usage. Third Edition. INTERmEdIaTE TO adVaNCEd. Michael Swan. The world's most trusted guide to problems in. English. a dictionary of ...

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A Minspeak system also organizes words into Word Families. Words in word families are “related” to each other. Organizing words this way in an AAC system ...

Destination B2: Grammar and Vocabulary


Destination B2. Grammar &. Vocabulary with Answer Key. Malcolm Mann. Steve Taylore-Knowles. MACMILLAN. Suitable for the updated FCE exam ...

Grammar and vocabulary unit 2


PHOTOCOPIABLE © OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS. Present continuous: affirmative and negative. 1 Choose the correct -ing forms. sitting / ... 1 eating / eatting.

Advanced grammar & vocabulary


Advanced grammar and vocabulary is a vocabulary, idiom and grammar book for Advanced learners of. English and is made up of write-in exercise pages.



VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR BANK. Greeting, introducing yourself: Good morning, My name`s…/I am a…../I work for…I`m a student of…. Ladies and ...

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Spectrum 3 Language Trainer Unit 1 Time for change. Word builder: noun suffixes 1 arrive (v) /əˈraɪv/ llegar arrival (n) /əˈraɪvl/ llegada populate (v) ...

English Grammar and Vocabulary

Advanced. Language Practice with key. Michael Vince with Peter Sunderland. English Grammar and. Vocabulary. MACMILLAN ...

A grammar and a vocabulary of the Ipuriná language


Chaberi, Chaptjry, to castigate. The former is so pronounced by Indians of the Purvis, the latter by those of another locality in the interior some four days' distant.

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Unit Test 12B. 27. 3-Unit Tests. Page. Units 1-3. 30. Units 4-6. 33. Units 7-9 ... 5. Test Pack. Unit Test 1B. 4. 1. 3. 2. Vocabulary. Grammar. Total mark......../30 ... beaten track, so you can be sure that they will give ... cats such as lions and tigers.

Destination (B1, B2, C1 & C2) Grammar and Vocabulary Malcolm ...


Destination (B1, B2, C1 & C2). Grammar and Vocabulary. Malcolm Mann, Steve Taylore –Knowles. Ed. Macmillan. Without key. English Grammar with exercises: ...

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Grammar & Vocabulary. This test is for demonstration purposes only and contains 12 grammar items and 12 vocabulary items. The full test contains 25 grammar ...

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Spectrum 2 Language Trainer Unit 1 What's on? ... exams. Cuando hacemos predicciones negativas sobre el futuro, solemos utilizar la forma negativa de.

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10 Mar 2018 ... O Pearson Education Limited 1999. The nght of ... Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) or the Certificate of ... an expert cook.

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My grandfather gave me a very useful piece of . (ADVISE/ADVICE). 3. The strike will. all trains in the London area. (EFFECT/AFFECT). 4. The police will. anyone ...