Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows - BBC

The table below shows how the keyboard shortcuts are written in this factsheet and what these shortcuts mean. Ctrl P. This means: Press and hold the Control ...

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Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

Shift F3. Change case of letters. Ctrl Shift >. Increase font size. Ctrl Shift <. Decrease font size. Highlight Text. Shift Arrow Keys. Selects one letter at a time.

100 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8

Select the first item in the Notification Area and then use the arrow keys to cycle through the items Press Enter to open the selected item. Ctrl B . Access the ...

Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows - BBC

The table below shows how the keyboard shortcuts are written in this factsheet and what these shortcuts mean. Ctrl P. This means: Press and hold the Control ...

More Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Symbols

2 Nov 2018 ... Use your numeric keypad with your NUM LOCK on and you will be good to go! Symbol. Description. Shortcut. ¶ paragraph sign. ALT 0182. ±.

FileMaker® Pro 12 Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

Ctrl Shift L. Open the Layout pop-up menu. F2. Play or edit a sound in a container field. Space bar. Print. Ctrl P. Print without the Print dialog box. Ctrl Alt P.

100 keyboard shortcuts for moving faster in Windows 7

9 Oct 2009 ... Just keep this quick reference handy to speed common Windows 7 tasks. Note: The Windows key (. ) is located between the Ctrl and Alt keys ...

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 - Terza Repubblica

Mouse wheel. Desktop: Change icon size ... Set focus on taskbar and cycle through running desktop apps. U ... Minimize non-active desktop windows. PgUp.

VLC (Windows & OS X) Keyboard Shortcuts by shaunumb ... - icdst

17 May 2015 ... VLC (Windows & OS X) Keyboard Shortcuts by shaunumb via VLC - Frequently Used f | ⌘ f. Fullscreen. Space.

Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Systems - Avid

G L O B A L K E Y B O A R D C O M M A N D S. Change all ... .Ctrl - G (with two or more tracks selected) ... .Ctrl - Shift - G or Ctrl - click on Groups pop-up menu.

Windows Media Player 11 Keyboard Shortcuts - ...

Windows Media Player 11 Keyboard Shortcuts. ALT 1. Zoom to 50 percent. ALT 2. Zoom to 100 percent. ALT 3. Zoom to 200 percent. ALT ENTER.

Spyder Keyboard Shortcuts for the Editor under Windows - e-Callisto

Ctrl Space. Code completion. Ctrl I. Inspect current object. Meta K. Kill to end of line. Meta U. Kill to start of line. Meta Shift Y. Rotate kill ring. Meta Y.

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows - Visual Studio Code

Show Command Palette. Ctrl P. Quick Open, Go to File… Ctrl Shift N. New window/instance. Ctrl Shift W. Close window/instance. Ctrl ,. User Settings. Ctrl K ...

WinRAR Keyboard Shortcuts - keyboard shortcuts

WinRAR Keyboard Shortcuts. File. Ctrl O. Open archive. Ctrl D. Change drive. Ctrl P. Set default password. Ctrl C. Copy files to clipboard. Ctrl V. Paste files ...

Adobe Lightroom 5 Keyboard Shortcuts - Windows - The Lightroom ...

Adobe Lightroom 5 - Keyboard Shortcuts. © 2013 Victoria ... Ctrl Alt 5. Print Module. Ctrl Alt 6. Web Module. Ctrl Alt 7. Go Back to Previous Module. Ctrl Alt up ...

AutoCad 2004 Keyboard Shortcuts - keyboard ...

AutoCad 2004 Keyboard Shortcuts. Keys. ALT F8. VBA Run. ALT F11. VBA Editor. CTRL 1. Properties Palette. CTRL 2. DesignCenter Palette. CTRL 3.

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Visit for weekly blender tutorials! Blender 2.5. The cheat sheet. Useful Keyboard Shortcuts by Andrew Price ...

Keyboard Shortcuts

Netscape/Firefox. Ctrl L. Internet Functions. Go to address bar Insert check in IE mark. F4. Spacebar. Next Page. <Alt> Right arrow. Previous Page. <Alt> Left.

ActivInspire Keyboard Shortcuts

Toggle Design Mode. F2. F2 not applicable. ExpressPoll. F3. F3 not applicable. Dual User. F4. F4 not applicable. Toggle Full Screen. F5. F5 not applicable.

3ds Max 2011 Keyboard Shortcuts

Dialog box shortcuts. Character Studio shortcuts. Miscellaneous shortcuts. 3ds Max 2011. Keyboard Shortcuts. The key to working efficiently with Max is learning ...

Blender 2.5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Select. Right Click. Pan. Middle Click. Zoom. Mouse Wheel. Add Object. Shift A. Delete. X. Search for function. Spacebar. Toolbar. T. Properties. N. Save File.

FileMaker® Pro 12 Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac OS)

Save. (By default,. FileMaker Pro saves your record data automatically.) Sort. -S. Undo the last command. -Z. Open the Manage Scripts dialog box. - ...

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Keyboard Shortcuts - AWS

Larry Jordan's Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015. Category. Shortcut. What It Does. NOTES. These are default keyboard shortcuts ...

CODESYS V3 Keyboard Shortcuts - Index of

3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH. T e m p la te. : te m p l_ te cd o c_ e n. _ ... CTRL E. Insert assign. CTRL A. Insert box. CTRL B. Insert box with EN/ENO.

Origin 201 7 Keyboard Shortcuts - OriginLab

Ctrl 4. In Data Selection Mode: Toggle. Selection on Active Plot/All Plots. Tab ... Ctrl Y. Open XF Dialogs with Theme Loaded. Shift menu with popup. <theme>.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Spanish Characters

Keyboard Shortcuts for Spanish Characters. Windows Codes. Alt Code. Symbol. Description. Alt 0193. Б. Capital A with accent. Alt 0225 б. Lowercase a with ...

3ds Max Keyboard Shortcuts by oguzkonya -

21 Feb 2012 ... 3ds Max Keyboard Shortcuts by Oguz Konya (oguzkonya) via General user interface. New scene. Ctrl N.

Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

CTRL SHIFT O(letter). ALT ; (semicolon) extend selection by one cell select the entire current region extend selection to last nonblank cell extend selection to ...

Switch keyboard shortcuts - Telestream

Previous Chapter. [ || ⌃[. [ || Alt [. Jump to End. ⌘]. Ctrl ]. Jump to Start. ⌘[. Ctrl [. Audio Menu. Mac. Windows. Increase Volume. ⌘↑. Ctrl ↑. Decrease Volume.

Keyboard Shortcuts - Pitney Bowes

Ctrl Shift L. Layers Window. HOME. Ctrl Shift G. Legend Window. SPATIAL. Shift F8. Line Style. HOME. Ctrl Shift B. MapBasic Window. MAP. Ctrl Shift D.

Blender Keyboard Shortcuts -

It's also printer friendly, so if you want, you can print it out and stick it to your wall! :) Happy Blendering! Andrew Price. How to Print this Shortcut ...

Keyboard Shortcuts for Adobe PhotoShop

TP3 Pty Ltd. Adobe PhotoShop Shortcuts - page 1. 1300 658 388 Keyboard Shortcuts for Adobe PhotoShop. Activity. Shortcut key. New. Ctrl  ...

List of all Keyboard Shortcuts - QCAD

XD. Print Preview. Ctrl Shift P / ⇧⌘P. Print. Ctrl P / ⌘P. Print Current View. Ctrl Alt P / ⌥⌘P. Quit. Ctrl Q / ⌘Q. View. Zoom. Zoom In. | = Ctrl / ⌘ . Zoom Out.

FL Studio Keyboard Shortcuts -

Mute/Umute First 10 Channels. Ctrl 1..9,0. Solo/UnSolo First 10 Channels. Up Arrow. Select Previous Channel. Down Arrow. Next Channel. Ctrl Del.

Mediasite Player Keyboard Shortcuts

IE 8 or Firefox 3.0 required for JAWS screen reader. ARIA messages not supported with Google Chrome.

Font Lab Keyboard Shortcuts - Ben Kiel

VIEW. Guidelines. ⌘-Shift-L. Grid. ⌘-Shift-G. Nodes. ⌘-Shift-N. Connections ⌘-Shift-C. Control vectors. ⌘-Shift-W. Edit mask. Ctrl-H. Alignment zones. ⌘-Shift-Z.

Autodesk Inventor Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

BE. BEARING LOAD / Applies a bearing load to a full or partial cylindrical surface. BO. BODY LOAD / Defines angular velocity or angular or linear acceleration for ...