Lecture 19 - UiO

14 Nov 2018 ... stein crystal. Eistein model for a Solid. Each atom in 3D has 3 one dimensional harmonic oscillators. • A solid is a a collection of identical.

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Lecture 20. Single-phase SPWM inverters - EE&T Lecture Notes


20.1 Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM). In this scheme a sinusoidal modulating voltage ec of the desired output frequency fo is compared with a higher.

Lecture 23 - Three-phase SPWM Inverters - EE&T Lecture Notes


Lecture 23 - Three-phase SPWM Inverters. Output voltage control of the three-phase inverter. Available methods are: • Input DC voltage regulation - not suitable ...

IN5290 Ethical Hacking Lecture 12: Wireless hacking Lecture ... - UiO


WPA2: Improvement of WPA (mandatory use of AES). IN5290 2019. L12 – Wireless hacking. 6. Wireless Equivalent Privacy (WEP). WEP is a security algorithm ...

Lecture 2


collide with particles 2, 3,... M and return to X, No. 1 as a, x, N, the plane ware k phase change e eikn. 1. first collisimo <r, < X, - →. Aiz..me ikrtkert kinha).

Lecture 19 - UiO


14 Nov 2018 ... stein crystal. Eistein model for a Solid. Each atom in 3D has 3 one dimensional harmonic oscillators. • A solid is a a collection of identical.

Lecture 8


Luba Lukova, “Water,” poster, 2002. The message for water conservation is a barren lake bed that forms the body of a dead fish.

Lecture #18


Morphological operations in MATLAB ... MATLAB/Image Processing Toolbox. MATLAB ... strel can be used to make structuring elements of common shapes as.

Lecture 8: Jidoka


21 Feb 2017 ... JIDOKA. •. One of the two pillars of the Toyota Production. System (TPS) along with Just-In-Time. •. Provide machines and operators the ability ...



TURNING & PARKING. تافاسم كرت. 0.5. ىلا. 1. ةقطنم بناوج ىلع م. ءازجلال نارودلا. نم ةزرابلا وا ةيلدتملا. نارودلا ةرئاد ،ةرايسلا. اهتعارز نكمم. 1- Radius for turning 90º ...

Lecture 11 - SCI @ Utah


f = misc.imread('Fabio.jpg') # Read an image from a file as an array. plt.imshow(f) # Simple showing of ... So you are going to see a lot of. Fabio Lanzoni today.

Lecture 12 Heteroscedasticity


Example: Harvey's heteroscedastic model. 2. Iterative estimation procedure: (a) Use OLS residuals to estimate the variance function. (b) Use the estimated ...

Lecture 1 History


6 Sep 2006 ... Lots of good PC games: StarCraft, CivII, Caesar III released ... 3. Gran Turismo 4 (PS2) - 1,500,000. 4. Madden NFL 06 (Xbox) - 1,200,000. 5.

Physic 231 Lecture 6


He stands in the bed of Al's pickup truck which is moving West at 40 km/hr. He see Ms. Jones standing on the street as he passes her and throws her a newspaper.

ELL788: Lecture 3


Occipital Lobe – Cor)cal Regions. • Primary Visual Cortex – This is the primary area of the brain responsible for sight -‐ recogni)on of size, color, light, mo)on,.

Wh movement lecture.


▫ Who did John think Ø ____ loved Susan? ▫ can't wh-move from a position next to the word “that”.

Mollusca lecture


En definitiva, para NIELSEN, los moluscos serían ancestralmente celomados (con un celoma. “pequeño”), y segmentados. FIGURA 158. Filogenia de los.

Lecture 2: Enzymes


Images from: David L. Nelson, Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, IV Edition, Freeman ed. ... Lehninger Chapter 3 – Amino acids, peptides and proteins.

The Last Lecture - iFEET


Because time is precious, and I want to spend all that I can with my kids, I asked ... you'll spend working on this lecture is lost time, because it's time away from the kids and ... loving woman who had intended to spend decades building a full life.

Nobel Lecture


This document is a revised version of Feynman's Lecture, with amendments ... Lectures, Physics, 1963-1970, Elsevier, 1972, and it appears in The Selected ...

Lecture #5: The Borel Sets of R


13 Sep 2013 ... The Borel σ-algebra of R, written b, is the σ-algebra generated by the open sets. That is, if O denotes the collection of all open subsets of R, ...

Lecture 27 Human Evolution II


Australophitecus garhi. (n=1). Possible ancestor to Homo? 2.5 mya from eastern Africa. Kenyanthropus platyops. HOMONID FROM 3.5 MYA. ▫ Mosaic of ...

Angular Momentum Lecture


Origin of Angular Momentum. Tidal Torque Theory (TTT): q о. Γ proto-galaxy perturber. Peebles 1976 White 1984. ∫Γ. = qdqqa. I ji ij. 3. 3. 00 ρ lkjl ijk i. ITtJ ε. ∝.

Lecture 06: Factor Pricing


(does not explain why factor deserves compensation: risk vs mispricing) ... positive definite, i.e. y'Ay ≥ 0, there exist numbers λ. 1. ≥ λ. 2. ≥…≥ lambda.

CS 106A, Lecture 20 HashMaps


Based on slides created by Keith Schwarz, Mehran Sahami, Eric Roberts, Stuart Reges, and others. CS 106A, Lecture 20. HashMaps suggested reading: Java ...

Lecture Notes - Canva


interactive design tutorial which relates to the content that was just covered. ... that you skip the tutorials or assign it at the end as a homework exercise.

exercices lecture de l'heure.pdf


Il est 3 heures et demie. Place les aiguilles et complète les cadres. Page 5. Donne l'heure indiquée par la montre si c'est le matin et si c'est le soir. - - : - -. - - : - -. - - ...

Lecture Notes - HIT – Haldia


[Indirect speech]. RULES: 1. Pronouns and Adjectives must change while transforming into a reported speech. First and second person pronouns and possessive ...

Lecture 5: More on Cache Memory


memory data. ♢ Cache is faster but consumes more space and power. ♢ Cache items accessed by their address in main memory. ♢ L1 cache is the fastest but.

Lecture Format - ITESO


6. Dr. J.E. Rayas Sánchez. Criterio de Barkhausen. 1)()(. 0. 0. = ωβωj. jA. Page 7. 7. Dr. J.E. Rayas Sánchez. Principio de Oscilación Senoidal (cont.) 1)()(. 0. 0. >.

Lecture 4: The binomial distribution


4 Nov 2015 ... P(X = x) = 5Cx ×. (2. 3. )x. ×. (1. 3. )(5-x). Lecture 4: The binomial distribution. 4th of November 2015. 8 / 26. Page 9. We can use this formula to ...

CMAC311 SN06 lecture


Armando Hasudungan. (2016). Obstetrics - Stages of Labour. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0iDfcAYZWc o. Association of Professors of ...

Lecture 12: Computation Times


In MATLAB, we can use a very simple command to know how much time we are using for a block of ... Invoking tic starts the timer, and the next toc reads the.

Lecture 1 Tension and Compression


d = 50 mm and an axial tensile load P = 10 kN. Find the normal stress. Units are force per unit area = N / m2 = Pa (pascal). One Pa is very small, so we usually ...

Lecture #8 LEAPS - csinvesting


Read: You Can Be a Stock Market Genius by Joel Greenblatt. LEAPS: There is almost no other area of the stock market (with the possible exception of stub ...

Lecture 10: Multiple Testing


Per comparison error rate (PCER): the expected value of the number of Type I errors over the number of hypotheses,. PCER = E(V)/m. • Per-family error rate ...

Lecture 10. Subnetting & Supernetting


G.Bianchi, G.Neglia, V.Mancuso. Outline. →Subnetting. ⇨Variable Length Subnet Mask (VLSM). →Supernetting. ⇨Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) ...